2nd PANDA Photo Contest

As mentioned during the March collaboration meeting we would like to call for excellent photos from the PANDA universe like last year and we start the
2nd PANDA Photo Contest!

This year we have the following three categories:

   Category 1: Meeting

   Category 2: My institution

   Category 3: Electronics

There will be a prize of 100 Euro per winner photo of each(!) category.

The deadline is October 15th, 2018. The prize ceremony will take place during the collaboration meeting in November two weeks after.

You can upload your photos here.

Please send the RAW-files if your camera permits it and please use the maximum resolution and color depth possible for eventual processing. By uploading the file, you give PANDA the right to use the picture for all kind of PR purposes mentioned above. In order to ease bookkeeping please name the file as follows:
Name_First Name_Institute_Title of the Photo.xxx
(.xxx being any usual graphics file format like .jpg. If you sent RAW-files like .cr2,.nef or others please provide also a .jpg copy in addition)

Have fun shooting a lot of interesting photos,