Vote on Spokespersons for the term 1.1.2021–31.12.2022

During our online collaboration meeting in June this year the collaboration board endorsed one candidate for the position of our spokesperson and one candidate for the deputy position.

Spokesperson candidate

Uli Wiedner, Bochum University:

Deputy spokesperson candidate

Karin Schönning, Uppsala University:

Photo by Mats Kamsten, Uppsala University
Have a look at his CV and
his mission statement
Have a look at her CV and
her mission statement

Information on the Procedure

  • The Vote on the PANDA Spokesperson and PANDA Deputy Spokesperson takes place electronically in August/September according to the PANDA Governance Rules.
  • The electorate are all official members of PANDA with a university degree and a PANDA membership of at least one year as reported by the institute heads.
  • Please check the PANDA electorate list whether you are in (login required).
  • Please note that a quorum of 50% of registered voter has to be reached for the election to be valid.

Instructions for voting

  • To vote, access the PANDA Vote form on this site by logging in using your personal GSI web login.

    To the vote.

    If you are not already logged in, follow the link above and you will be asked for your user credentials and on successful login you will be redirected to the ballot page. If you are already logged in, you can access the polls via menu item "Ballot paper" as well.

  • If you forgot the password of your GSI web login you will have to get it reset via
  • Please vote between Aug 24th 2020, 15:00h CEST and Sep 30th 2020, 24:00h CEST. Before and after that period the link given above will not work.
  • You have then accessed the ballot page, where you can mark your individual vote for the candidates endorsed by the Collaboration Board (options: accept, non-accept, abstain).
  • Your vote is anonymous. You can only vote once.

In case of technical problems contact the PANDA office.