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PA-PRO-2016-014 The PANDA Barrel DIRC Paper (PA) R. Dzhygadlo for the PANDA Cherenkov Group 13May2016 PDF icon PA-PRO-2016-014.pdf
PA-PRO-2016-013 Online Cluster-Finding Algorithms for the PANDA Electromagnetic Calorimeter Paper (PA) M. Tiemens 10Dec2016 PDF icon PA-PRO-2016-013.pdf
PA-PRO-2016-012 Nucleon structure observables with PANDA Paper (PA) M. Carmen Mora Espí 05Oct2016 PDF icon PA-PRO-2016-012.pdf
PA-PRO-2016-010 PANDA Experiment at FAIR - Subatomic Physics with Antiprotons Paper (PA) Johan Messchendorp on behalf of the PANDA Collaboration 30Jul2016 PDF icon PA-PRO-2016-010.pdf
PA-PRO-2016-007 customizaton of genfit2 fitting tool for PANDA Paper (PA) Elisabetta Prencipe 04May2016 PDF icon PA-PRO-2016-007.pdf
PA-PRO-2016-004 Performance of Prototypes for the Barrel Part of the PANDA Electromagnetic Calorimeter Paper (PA) Christoph Rosenbaum 01Apr2016 PDF icon PA-PRO-2016-004.pdf
PA-PRO-2016-003 Reconstructing Hyperons with the PANDA Detector at FAIR Paper (PA) W Ikegami Andersson 01Apr2016 PDF icon PA-PRO-2016-003.pdf
PA-PRO-2016-002 Study of Excited Ξ Baryons in Antiproton-Proton Collisions with the PANDA Detector Paper (PA) Jennifer Pütz 01Apr2016 PDF icon PA-PRO-2016-002.pdf
PA-PRO-2016-001 Many Facets of Strangeness Nuclear Physics with Stored Antiprotons Paper (PA) Josef Pochodzalla 20Jan2016 PDF icon PA-PRO-2016-001.pdf
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PA-PRO-2015-017 Breakthrough in the Lifetime of Microchannel Plate Photomultipliers Paper (PA) F. Uhlig et al. (PANDA Cherenkov Group) 01Jul2015 PDF icon PA-PRO-2015-017.pdf
PA-PRO-2015-015 Feasibility Study for the Measurement of pi-N Transition Distribution Amplitudes with PANDA Paper (PA) Ermias Atomssa 22Dec2015 PDF icon PA-PRO-2015-015.pdf
PA-PRO-2015-014 New spectroscopy with PANDA at FAIR: X, Y, Z and the F-wave charmonium states Paper (PA) Elisabetta Prencipe 09Nov2015 PDF icon PA-PRO-2015-014.pdf
PA-PRO-2015-013 The Barrel TOF detector for PANDA Paper (PA) D. Steinschaden,K. Dutta, L. Gruber, K. Suzuki, M. Böhm, M. Cardinali, M. Hoek, K. Kalita, K. Götzen, H. Kumawat, W. Lauth, A. Lehmann, J. Marton, H. Orth, A. Parmar, B. J. Roy, C. Sonika, L. Schmitt, C. Schwarz, C. Sfienti, M. Thiel 31Oct2015 PDF icon PA-PRO-2015-013.pdf
PA-PRO-2015-012 The PANDA Physics Program: Strangeness and more Paper (PA) Felice Iazzi 09Oct2015 PDF icon PA-PRO-2015-012.pdf
PA-PRO-2015-011 Spin observables in antihyperon-hyperon production at PANDA at FAIR Paper (PA) Michael Papenbrock 15Oct2015 PDF icon PA-PRO-2015-011.pdf
PA-PRO-2015-010 An Additional Lambda Disk Detector for the PANDA Experiment Paper (PA) Ajay Kumar 27Aug2015 PDF icon PA-PRO-2015-010.pdf
PA-PRO-2015-009 New Studies of XYZ States at PANDA Paper (PA) Sören Lange, Martin Galuska, Simon Reiter (University Giessen), Elisabetta Prencipe (Forschungszentrum Jülich), Stefano Spataro (University Torino and INFN) 22Aug2015 PDF icon PA-PRO-2015-009.pdf
PA-PRO-2015-008 Antihyperon-Hyperon production in antiproton-proton annihilations with PANDA at FAIR Paper (PA) Michael Papenbrock 17Aug2015 PDF icon PA-PRO-2015-008.pdf
PA-PRO-2015-007 Barrel time-of-flight detector for the PANDA experiment at FAIR Paper (PA) L. Gruber, S. E. Brunner, J. Marton, H.Orth, K. Suzuki on behalf of the PANDA TOF Group 24Jun2015 PDF icon PA-PRO-2015-007.pdf
PA-PRO-2015-006 PANDA Straw Tube Detectors and Readout Paper (PA) Pawel Strzempek 08Jun2015 PDF icon PA-PRO-2015-006.pdf