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TH-PHD-2015-003 Development of the PANDA MVD Trapezoidal Sensors and a Feasibility Study of the $\bar{p}p \rightarrow \bar{\Lambda}_c \Lambda_c$ Reconstruction Thesis (TH) Dariusch Deermann 30Mar2015 PDF icon TH-PHD-2015-003.pdf
TH-PHD-2015-004 Development of a Free-Running Readout ASIC for the PANDA Micro Vertex Detector and Investigation of the Performance to Reconstruct p̅p → Ξ̅⁺Ξ⁻(1690) Thesis (TH) André Zambanini 08Dec2015 PDF icon TH-PHD-2015-004.pdf
TH-PHD-2015-005 Simulation, Reconstruction, and Design Optimization for the PANDA Barrel DIRC Thesis (TH) Maria Patsyuk 05Aug2015 PDF icon TH-PHD-2015-005.pdf
TH-PHD-2015-006 Development and test of a prototype for the PANDA Barrel DIRC detector at FAIR Thesis (TH) Grzegorz Kalicy 21Jan2015 PDF icon TH-PHD-2015-006.pdf
TH-PHD-2015-008 D0-anti-D0-Mischung im Zerfall D0 -> Ks pi+ pi- am PANDA-Experiment Thesis (TH) Andreas Pitka 07Jul2015 PDF icon TH-PHD-2015-008.pdf
TH-PHD-2015-009 Development of the Recoil Detector for the HESR Day-One Experiment and Commissioning at COSY by Measuring pp Elastic Scattering Thesis (TH) Qiang Hu 16Mar2015 PDF icon TH-PHD-2015-009.pdf
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TH-PHD-2016-001 Alternative Geometrical Designs for Quartz-Based Cherenkov Detectors for the PANDA Barrel DIRC Detector Thesis (TH) Marko Zühlsdorf 29Apr2016 PDF icon TH-PHD-2016-001.pdf
TH-PHD-2016-002 Partial Wave Analysis of the Decay J/ψ → γωω at BESIII and Developments for the Electromagnetic Calorimeter of the PANDA Detector Thesis (TH) Malte Albrecht 20May2016 PDF icon TH-PHD-2016-002.pdf
TH-PHD-2016-003 Optimization of the Influence of Longitudinal and Lateral Non-Uniformity on the Performance of an Electromagnetic Calorimeter Thesis (TH) Stefan Diehl 10Mar2016 PDF icon TH-PHD-2016-003.pdf
TH-PHD-2016-005 Simulation of the $D_s$ semileptonic decay with the PANDA detector and experimental verification of the micro-vertex-detector pixel readout ASIC with proton test beam Thesis (TH) Lu Cao 06Sep2016 PDF icon TH-PHD-2016-005.pdf
TH-PHD-2016-007 Entwicklung von Komponenten für das Detektorsteuersystem des PANDA-Kalorimeters und Studien zur Photoproduktion angeregter η-Mesonen mit dem CB/ELSA-Experiment Thesis (TH) Tobias Triffterer 28Jan2016 PDF icon TH-PHD-2016-007.pdf
TH-PHD-2016-009 Optimization of the Front-End Electronics of the PANDA Barrel EMC Thesis (TH) Christoph Rosenbaum 30Sep2016 PDF icon TH-PHD-2016-009.pdf
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TH-PHD-2017-001 Conceptual Design of the Lambda Disks Detector for the PANDA Experiment Thesis (TH) Ajay Kumar 07Feb2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-001.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-003 Developments towards the Technical Design and Prototype Evaluation of the PANDA Endcap Disc DIRC Thesis (TH) Erik Etzelmüller 24Apr2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-003.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-004 Development and evaluation of a signal analysis and a readout system of straw tube detectors for the PANDA spectrometer Thesis (TH) Pawel Strzempek 14Jul2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-004.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-005 An investigation of the proton structure in the space-like domain and feasibility studies of the proton electromagnetic form factor measurement in the time-like region Thesis (TH) Dmitry Khaneft 17Jul2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-005.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-008 Etude des réactions d'annihilation proton-antiproton et contribution expérimentale à la polarimétrie hadronique.Study of antiproton-proton annihilation reactions and experimental contribution to hadron polarimetry Thesis (TH) Ying WANG 07Sep2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-008.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-009 Online cluster-finding algorithms for the PANDA electromagnetic calorimeter Thesis (TH) Marcel Tiemens 20Nov2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-009.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-010 Chiral dynamics for open- charm systems at PANDA Thesis (TH) Xiaoyu Guo 15Feb2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-010.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-011 A Time-Based Front-End ASIC for the Silicon Micro Strip Sensors of the PANDA Micro Vertex Detector Thesis (TH) Valentino di Pietro 29Oct2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-011.pdf