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TA-DPG-2021-028 Exploring the 3D nucleon structure with CLAS at JLAB and PANDA at FAIR Talk (TA) Stefan Diehl 29Jun2021 PDF icon TA-DPG-2021-028.pdf
TA-CON-2021-043 PANDA@FAIR: subatomic physics with antiprotons Talk (TA) 06Oct2021 PDF icon TA-CON-2021-043.pdf
TA-CON-2021-003 PANDA Barrel DIRC: From Design to Component Production Talk (TA) Georg Schepers 25May2021 PDF icon TA-CON-2021-003.pdf
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TA-DPG-2020-009 Design optimizations and assembly status of the Electromagentic Target Calorimeter of the PANDA experiment Talk (TA) Markus Moritz 28Mar2020 PDF icon TA-DPG-2020-009.pdf
TA-CON-2020-027 Overview of the PANDA Detector design at FAIR Talk (TA) A. Belias 29Jun2020
TA-CON-2020-026 Physics Prospects of PANDA at FAIR Talk (TA) Miriam Kümmel 04Sep2020 PDF icon TA-CON-2020-026.pdf
TA-CON-2020-023 The PANDA Luminosity Detector Talk (TA) Rene Hagdorn 04Mar2020 PDF icon TA-CON-2020-023.pdf
TA-CON-2020-017 The luminosity detector at PANDA by HV-MAPS sensors Talk (TA) Florian Feldbauer 24Feb2020 PDF icon TA-CON-2020-017.pdf
TA-CON-2020-011 The Barrel and Endcap Disc DIRC at PANDA Talk (TA) Carsten Schwarz 24Feb2020 PDF icon TA-CON-2020-011.pdf
TA-CON-2020-004 FPGA-based algorithms for feature extraction in the PANDA shashlyk calorimeter Talk (TA) Markus Preston 28Feb2020 PDF icon TA-CON-2020-004.pdf
TA-CON-2020-001 Forward RICH detector for the PANDA experiment Talk (TA) Sergey Kononov 24Feb2020 File TA-CON-2020-001.pptx, PDF icon TA-CON-2020-001.pdf
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TA-DPG-2019-015 Shedding light on exotic charmonium: Reconstruction of a hybrid candidate with PANDARoot by means of a genetic algorithm Talk (TA) Christian Will, Markus Moritz, Kai -Thomas Brinkmann 21Mar2019 PDF icon TA-DPG-2019-015.pdf
TA-DPG-2018-084 Prototype test for the PANDA Barrel DIRC Talk (TA) Roman Dzhygadlo, Ahmed Ali, Anastasios Belias, Andreas Gerhardt, Dorothe Lehmann, Klaus Peters, Georg Schepers, Carsten Schwarz, Jochen Schwiening 20Mar2019 PDF icon TA-DPG-2018-084.pdf
TA-CON-2019-083 Track Reconstruction on Free Streaming Data at PANDA Talk (TA) Jenny Regina 20Dec2019 PDF icon TA-CON-2019-083.pdf
TA-CON-2019-035 The PWO-II Electromagnetic Calorimeter for the PANDA Target Spectrometer Talk (TA) Markus Moritz 30Sep2019 PDF icon TA-CON-2019-035.pdf, PDF icon TA-CON-2019-035.pdf
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TA-DPG-2018-020 Construction and Assembly of the Electromagnetic Calorimeter for the PANDA target spectrometer Talk (TA) Markus Moritz 26Feb2018 PDF icon TA-DPG-2018-020.pdf
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TA-CON-2022-036 Performance of the most recent microchannel-plate PMTs for the PANDA DIRC Detectors at FAIR Talk (TA) Steffen Krauss 07Sep2022
TA-CON-2022-035 The Münster Cluster-Jet Target for the Future PANDA Experiment Talk (TA) S. Vestrick, P. Brand, D. Bonaventura, H. Eick, C. Mannweiler and A. Khoukaz 26Sep2022 PDF icon TA-CON-2022-035.pdf
TA-CON-2022-030 A 64 channels ASIC for the readout of the silicon strip detectors of the PANDA Micro-Vertex Detector Talk (TA) Giovanni Mazza 20Sep2022 Plain text icon TA-CON-2022-030.txt
TA-CON-2022-027 The PANDA Barrel DIRC Talk (TA) Roman Dzhygadlo 12Sep2022 PDF icon TA-CON-2022-027.pdf