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TH-PHD-2016-009 Optimization of the Front-End Electronics of the PANDA Barrel EMC Thesis (TH) Christoph Rosenbaum 30Sep2016 PDF icon TH-PHD-2016-009.pdf
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TH-PHD-2017-001 Conceptual Design of the Lambda Disks Detector for the PANDA Experiment Thesis (TH) Ajay Kumar 07Feb2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-001.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-003 Developments towards the Technical Design and Prototype Evaluation of the PANDA Endcap Disc DIRC Thesis (TH) Erik Etzelmüller 24Apr2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-003.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-004 Development and evaluation of a signal analysis and a readout system of straw tube detectors for the PANDA spectrometer Thesis (TH) Pawel Strzempek 14Jul2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-004.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-005 An investigation of the proton structure in the space-like domain and feasibility studies of the proton electromagnetic form factor measurement in the time-like region Thesis (TH) Dmitry Khaneft 17Jul2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-005.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-008 Etude des réactions d'annihilation proton-antiproton et contribution expérimentale à la polarimétrie hadronique.Study of antiproton-proton annihilation reactions and experimental contribution to hadron polarimetry Thesis (TH) Ying WANG 07Sep2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-008.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-009 Online cluster-finding algorithms for the PANDA electromagnetic calorimeter Thesis (TH) Marcel Tiemens 20Nov2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-009.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-010 Chiral dynamics for open- charm systems at PANDA Thesis (TH) Xiaoyu Guo 15Feb2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-010.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-011 A Time-Based Front-End ASIC for the Silicon Micro Strip Sensors of the PANDA Micro Vertex Detector Thesis (TH) Valentino di Pietro 29Oct2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-011.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-012 Low power integrated system for a simultaneous time and energy measurement in the PANDA micro-strip detector Thesis (TH) Alberto Riccardi 02May2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-012.pdf
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TH-PHD-2018-001 Particle-identification capability of the Straw Tube Tracker and feasibility studies for open-charm production with PANDA Thesis (TH) Alexandros Apostolou 06Apr2018 PDF icon TH-PHD-2018-001.pdf
TH-PHD-2018-002 Optimization Studies and Performance Simulations for the Time-of-Flight System of PANDA Thesis (TH) Dominik Steinschaden 26Jun2018 PDF icon TH-PHD-2018-002.pdf
TH-PHD-2018-003 Analyse der Kanäle χc₂ → π⁺π⁻/K⁺K⁻ in radiativen ψ(2S)-Zerfällen bei BESIII und Entwicklung eines Monitorierungssystems für das elektromagnetische Kalorimeter des PANDA-Experimentes Thesis (TH) Patrick Musiol 08May2018 PDF icon TH-PHD-2018-003.pdf
TH-PHD-2018-004 Analyse des Zerfalls J/ψ → ωπ⁺π⁻ bei BESIII und Entwicklungen für das Kühlsystem und die thermische Isolierung des PANDA-EMC Thesis (TH) Stephan Leiber 16May2018 PDF icon TH-PHD-2018-004.pdf
TH-PHD-2018-006 Feasibility studies for the measurement of the time-like electromagnetic proton form factors at the PANDA experiment Thesis (TH) Iris Zimmermann 22Oct2018 PDF icon TH-PHD-2018-006.pdf
TH-PHD-2018-008 Particle identification with the Endcap Disc DIRC for PANDA Thesis (TH) Mustafa Schmidt 16Feb2018 PDF icon TH-PHD-2018-008.pdf
TH-PHD-2018-009 Investigation on intense magnetic flux shielding with a high temperature superconducting tube for a transverse polarized target at the PANDA experiment Thesis (TH) Bertold Froehlich 23Oct2018 PDF icon TH-PHD-2018-009.pdf
TH-PHD-2018-010 Cluster-Jet Targets for the PANDA-, MAGIX-, and CryoFlash-Experiments at Hadron-, Lepton-, and Laser-Facilities Thesis (TH) Silke Grieser 13Dec2018 PDF icon TH-PHD-2018-010.pdf
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TH-PHD-2019-001 Development of a DAQ System for the Custom F.E. Electronics of the PANDA MVD and Study of the Reaction pbarp->Xi-Xibar+pi+pi- Thesis (TH) Alessandra Lai 13Feb2019 PDF icon TH-PHD-2019-001.pdf
TH-PHD-2019-002 Analysis of J/ψ→φηη at BESIII and Calibration of the Temperature Monitoring System for the PANDA Electromagnetic Calorimeter Thesis (TH) Miriam Kümmel 13May2019 PDF icon TH-PHD-2019-002.pdf