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PA-PRO-2018-010 Endcap Disc DIRC for PANDA at FAIR Paper (PA) Mustafa Schmidt for the PANDA Cherenkov Group 15Aug2018 PDF icon PA-PRO-2018-010.pdf
TH-PHD-2018-006 Feasibility studies for the measurement of the time-like electromagnetic proton form factors at the PANDA experiment Thesis (TH) Iris Zimmermann 22Oct2018 PDF icon TH-PHD-2018-006.pdf
TH-PHD-2018-008 Particle identification with the Endcap Disc DIRC for PANDA Thesis (TH) Mustafa Schmidt 16Feb2018 PDF icon TH-PHD-2018-008.pdf
TH-PHD-2018-001 Particle-identification capability of the Straw Tube Tracker and feasibility studies for open-charm production with PANDA Thesis (TH) Alexandros Apostolou 06Apr2018 PDF icon TH-PHD-2018-001.pdf
TH-PHD-2018-003 Analyse der Kanäle χc₂ → π⁺π⁻/K⁺K⁻ in radiativen ψ(2S)-Zerfällen bei BESIII und Entwicklung eines Monitorierungssystems für das elektromagnetische Kalorimeter des PANDA-Experimentes Thesis (TH) Patrick Musiol 08May2018 PDF icon TH-PHD-2018-003.pdf
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PA-PRO-2016-014 The PANDA Barrel DIRC Paper (PA) R. Dzhygadlo for the PANDA Cherenkov Group 13May2016 PDF icon PA-PRO-2016-014.pdf
TH-PHD-2016-002 Partial Wave Analysis of the Decay J/ψ → γωω at BESIII and Developments for the Electromagnetic Calorimeter of the PANDA Detector Thesis (TH) Malte Albrecht 20May2016 PDF icon TH-PHD-2016-002.pdf
TH-PHD-2016-007 Entwicklung von Komponenten für das Detektorsteuersystem des PANDA-Kalorimeters und Studien zur Photoproduktion angeregter η-Mesonen mit dem CB/ELSA-Experiment Thesis (TH) Tobias Triffterer 28Jan2016 PDF icon TH-PHD-2016-007.pdf
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PA-PRO-2015-012 The PANDA Physics Program: Strangeness and more Paper (PA) Felice Iazzi 09Oct2015 PDF icon PA-PRO-2015-012.pdf
TH-PHD-2015-002 GPU-based Online Track Reconstruction for PANDA and Application to the Analysis of D→Kππ Thesis (TH) Andreas Herten 17Apr2015 PDF icon TH-PHD-2015-002.pdf
TH-PHD-2015-008 D0-anti-D0-Mischung im Zerfall D0 -> Ks pi+ pi- am PANDA-Experiment Thesis (TH) Andreas Pitka 07Jul2015 PDF icon TH-PHD-2015-008.pdf
TH-PHD-2015-003 Development of the PANDA MVD Trapezoidal Sensors and a Feasibility Study of the $\bar{p}p \rightarrow \bar{\Lambda}_c \Lambda_c$ Reconstruction Thesis (TH) Dariusch Deermann 30Mar2015 PDF icon TH-PHD-2015-003.pdf
TH-PHD-2015-001 Development and Applications of Tracking of Pellet Streams Thesis (TH) Andrzej Pyszniak 22Jan2015 PDF icon TH-PHD-2015-001.pdf
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TH-PHD-2017-003 Developments towards the Technical Design and Prototype Evaluation of the PANDA Endcap Disc DIRC Thesis (TH) Erik Etzelmüller 24Apr2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-003.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-001 Conceptual Design of the Lambda Disks Detector for the PANDA Experiment Thesis (TH) Ajay Kumar 07Feb2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-001.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-005 An investigation of the proton structure in the space-like domain and feasibility studies of the proton electromagnetic form factor measurement in the time-like region Thesis (TH) Dmitry Khaneft 17Jul2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-005.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-004 Development and evaluation of a signal analysis and a readout system of straw tube detectors for the PANDA spectrometer Thesis (TH) Pawel Strzempek 14Jul2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-004.pdf
TH-MAS-2017-002 A Measurement Level Module for a Pellet Tracking System Thesis (TH) Jenny Regina 13Feb2017 PDF icon TH-MAS-2017-002.pdf
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TH-PHD-2019-006 Feasibility studies für the high precision X-ray spectroscopy of heavy $\Xi^-$ hyperatoms at $\overline{\text{P}}$ANDA using the PANda GErmanium Array PANGEA Thesis (TH) Marcell Steinen 12Dec2019 PDF icon TH-PHD-2019-006.pdf
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TH-PHD-2023-001 Development of fast track finding algorithms for densely packed straw tube trackers and its application to Xi(1820) hyperon reconstruction for the PANDA experiment Thesis (TH) Anna Alicke 13Jun2023 PDF icon TH-PHD-2023-001.pdf