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PA-PRO-2019-014 Precision Resonance Scans at PANDA Paper (PA) Iman Keshk 08Oct2019 PDF icon PA-PRO-2019-014.pdf
TA-CON-2019-035 The PWO-II Electromagnetic Calorimeter for the PANDA Target Spectrometer Talk (TA) Markus Moritz 30Sep2019 PDF icon TA-CON-2019-035.pdf, PDF icon TA-CON-2019-035.pdf
PA-PRO-2019-011 Study of pbar p -> Xibar+ Lam K- with the PANDA Detector Paper (PA) Jennifer Pütz 20Sep2019 PDF icon PA-PRO-2019-011.pdf
TA-WKS-2019-048 Forward RICH at PANDA Talk (TA) Sergey Kononov 12Sep2019 PDF icon TA-WKS-2019-048.pdf
TA-WKS-2019-061 Status of the PANDA Barrel DIRC Project Talk (TA) Carsten Schwarz 12Sep2019 PDF icon TA-WKS-2019-061.pdf
TA-WKS-2019-053 Study of pbar p -> Xibar+ Lam K- with the PANDA Detector Talk (TA) Jennifer Pütz 13Jun2019 PDF icon TA-WKS-2019-053.pdf, PDF icon TA-WKS-2019-053.pdf
TH-PHD-2019-002 Analysis of J/ψ→φηη at BESIII and Calibration of the Temperature Monitoring System for the PANDA Electromagnetic Calorimeter Thesis (TH) Miriam Kümmel 13May2019 PDF icon TH-PHD-2019-002.pdf
TA-WKS-2019-044 Physics program of PANDA Talk (TA) messchendorp 04May2019 PDF icon TA-WKS-2019-044.pdf
TA-WKS-2019-046 Analysis Tools in PandaRoot Talk (TA) Klaus Götzen 04May2019 PDF icon TA-WKS-2019-046.pdf
RE-MGM-2019-004 Report of the FAIR Progress and Cost Review Board Report (RE) Lyn Evans et al. 29Apr2019 PDF icon RE-MGM-2019-004.pdf
PA-PRO-2019-007 Strangeness nuclear physics atPANDA in a nutshell Paper (PA) Josef Pochodzalla 16Apr2019 PDF icon PA-PRO-2019-007.pdf
RE-MGM-2019-003 PANDA Annual Report 2018 Report (RE) Klaus Peters 08Apr2019 PDF icon RE-MGM-2019-003.pdf
PA-PRO-2019-006 The innovative Design of the PANDA Barrel DIRC Paper (PA) Georg Schepers 04Apr2019 PDF icon PA-PRO-2019-006.pdf
PA-PRO-2019-005 Latest Improvements of Microchannel-Plate PMTs Paper (PA) A. Lehmann et al. (PANDA Cherenkov Group) 01Apr2019 PDF icon PA-PRO-2019-005.pdf
TA-POS-2019-014 The first Barrel Slice for the Electromagnetic Calorimeter of the PANDA experiment Talk (TA) Markus Moritz, Hans-Georg Za- unick and Kai-Thomas Brinkmann for the PANDA-Collaboration 21Mar2019 PDF icon TA-POS-2019-014.pdf
TA-DPG-2019-015 Shedding light on exotic charmonium: Reconstruction of a hybrid candidate with PANDARoot by means of a genetic algorithm Talk (TA) Christian Will, Markus Moritz, Kai -Thomas Brinkmann 21Mar2019 PDF icon TA-DPG-2019-015.pdf
TA-DPG-2018-084 Prototype test for the PANDA Barrel DIRC Talk (TA) Roman Dzhygadlo, Ahmed Ali, Anastasios Belias, Andreas Gerhardt, Dorothe Lehmann, Klaus Peters, Georg Schepers, Carsten Schwarz, Jochen Schwiening 20Mar2019 PDF icon TA-DPG-2018-084.pdf
PA-PRO-2019-004 Simulation study of the pbarp → Sigmabar Lambda reaction with PANDA at FAIR Paper (PA) G. Perez-Andrade, Karin Schönning, WI Andersson, Jenny Regina, Michael Papenbrock 11Mar2019 PDF icon PA-PRO-2019-004.pdf
TH-PHD-2019-001 Development of a DAQ System for the Custom F.E. Electronics of the PANDA MVD and Study of the Reaction pbarp->Xi-Xibar+pi+pi- Thesis (TH) Alessandra Lai 13Feb2019 PDF icon TH-PHD-2019-001.pdf
PA-PRO-2019-002 Design, Implementation, and Verification of a DAQ System for the Prototypes of the F.E. Electronics of the PANDA MVD Paper (PA) Alessandra Lai 13Feb2019 PDF icon PA-PRO-2019-002.pdf