FF2019 -- Workshop on Novel Probes of the Nucleon Structure in SIDIS, e+e- and pp (FF2019)


Thursday, 14 March, 2019 to Saturday, 16 March, 2019


This is the first circular of the "Workshop on Novel Probes of the Nucleon Structure in SIDIS, e+e- and pp (FF2019)".
The workshop will take place at Duke University in Durham, NC from March 14-16, 2019. This meeting will continue a series of workshops held previously at
RIKEN (Japan) in 2012, at Indiana University (USA) in 2013 and in Stresa (Italy) in 2018. It receives financial support from Duke University, JLab and the
University of Connecticut.

The scientific program of the workshop intends to cover the progress in the knowledge of unpolarized as well as polarized fragmentation functions (FFs)
and its role in extracting precise information about the structure of the nucleon. In addition, with new experimental programs started at Jefferson
Laboratory and KEK, upgrades planned at RHIC, and the the growing understanding of soft-scale QCD effects in the theoretical community, we hope to
contribute to the identification of key measurements and calculations necessary to advance this growing field.

This workshop aims to provide a forum for theorists and experimentalists to discuss the new results with the goal to improve our understanding of the
fragmentation process and the QCD effects governing it, as well as to evaluate the impact the improved knowledge on FFs will have on probing nucleon
structure in semi inclusive processes.
The topics to be addressed at this workshop will include
-Experimental programs sensitive to FFs in e+e-, SIDIS and pp at current and future facilities
-Extraction of FFs at leading and sub-leading twist from experimental data including transverse momentum dependence
-Hadron in jet observables sensitive to FFs
-Monte-Carlo models of unpolarized and polarized FFs
-In-medium fragmentation, target fragmentation and fracture functions

We hope to encourage in particular young scientists to attend for which limited travel support is available. Please feel free to forward this announcement
to your collaborators and other interested colleagues. Further information about the workshop will be available in a future communication after the
creation of a website.
We look forward to seeing you at FF2019 at Duke next spring!



Duke University
Durham, NC
United States


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