PANDA Computing - Overview

This page is intended to provide directions to more specific items concerning the PANDA computing infrastructure and software framework.

Please choose one of the links in the table below to more specific information.

PANDA Computing Wiki

Various information concerning general computing within PANDA, event generators, computing tutorials of the PANDA Software.

PANDA Computing Forum

A platform for discussion with PANDA software users and developers.


Information about installation, usage and development of the FairRoot framework.

PANDA repository

The complete PandaRoot source tree browsable online.

PANDA Dashboard

Information about stability and validity of the newest PandaRoot subversion revision.

Trouble Ticket System

A ticketing system to report problems and errors related to PandaRoot.

PANDA Grid Portal

Monitoring and information about the PANDA Grid resources.

PANDA Root Doxygen

Doxygen documentation for the PANDA Root software.