The identification of charged particles with extreme accuracy is one of the key requirements for unvealing many aspects of the physics program envisaged by the PANDA experiment.

Therefore the PANDA Detector will be equipped with various dedicated high developed particle identification (PID) systems providing the ability of classifying particle species over the whole kinematic range in addition to dE/dx measurements from tracking and information from the electromagnetic calorimetry.

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Cherenkov system based on the principle of Detection of Internally Reflected Cherenkov radiation. Provides pion/kaon separation up to about 4 GeV/c in the target spectrometer.

Time Of Flight System

A time of flight system for classification of low momentum particles.

Muon Detection System

Instrumentation of the magnet yokes to identify muons.

Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detector

An aerogel Cherenkov device for hadron identification in the forward spectrometer.