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TA-CON-2022-035 The Münster Cluster-Jet Target for the Future PANDA Experiment Talk (TA) S. Vestrick, P. Brand, D. Bonaventura, H. Eick, C. Mannweiler and A. Khoukaz 26Sep2022 PDF icon TA-CON-2022-035.pdf, PDF icon TA-CON-2022-035.pdf
TA-WKS-2022-040 Heavy Quarkonium Spectroscopy with PANDA Talk (TA) Johan Messchendorp 26Sep2022 PDF icon TA-WKS-2022-040.pdf
TA-CON-2022-030 A 64 channels ASIC for the readout of the silicon strip detectors of the PANDA Micro-Vertex Detector Talk (TA) Giovanni Mazza 20Sep2022 Plain text icon TA-CON-2022-030.txt, PDF icon TA-CON-2022-030.pdf
TA-CON-2022-027 The PANDA Barrel DIRC Talk (TA) Roman Dzhygadlo 12Sep2022 PDF icon TA-CON-2022-027.pdf
TA-CON-2022-036 Performance of the most recent microchannel-plate PMTs for the PANDA DIRC Detectors at FAIR Talk (TA) Steffen Krauss 07Sep2022
TH-PHD-2022-002 Time for Hyperons - Development of Software Tools for Reconstructing Hyperons at PANDA and HADES Thesis (TH) Jenny Regina 09Feb2022 PDF icon TH-PHD-2022-002.pdf
TH-PHD-2022-001 Deep Learning for Track Finding and the Reconstruction of Excited Hyperons in Proton Induced Reactions Thesis (TH) Waleed Esmail 13Jan2022 PDF icon TH-PHD-2022-001.pdf
Document ID Title Publication type Author Date File
MI-COM-2021-003 PANDA Collaboration Meeting 21/3 Minutes Minutes (MI) Ulrich Wiedner 30Nov2021 PDF icon MI-COM-2021-003.pdf
TH-PHD-2021-002 Particle Identification with the PANDA Barrel DIRC and the GlueX DIRC Thesis (TH) Ahmed Ali 21Oct2021 PDF icon TH-PHD-2021-002.pdf
TA-CON-2021-043 PANDA@FAIR: subatomic physics with antiprotons Talk (TA) 06Oct2021 PDF icon TA-CON-2021-043.pdf
TH-PHD-2021-003 Development of software alignment algorithms and optimization of the luminosity extraction via alignment of the PANDA luminosity detector Thesis (TH) Roman Klasen 30Sep2021 PDF icon TH-PHD-2021-003.pdf
PA-PRO-2021-002 Overview of the PANDA Detector design at FAIR Paper (PA) Tassos 09Sep2021 PDF icon PA-PRO-2021-002.pdf
MI-COM-2021-002 PANDA Collaboration Meeting 21/2 Minutes Minutes (MI) Ulrich Wiedner 03Jul2021 PDF icon MI-COM-2021-002.pdf
TA-DPG-2021-028 Exploring the 3D nucleon structure with CLAS at JLAB and PANDA at FAIR Talk (TA) Stefan Diehl 29Jun2021 PDF icon TA-DPG-2021-028.pdf
TA-CON-2021-003 PANDA Barrel DIRC: From Design to Component Production Talk (TA) Georg Schepers 25May2021 PDF icon TA-CON-2021-003.pdf
TA-COL-2021-020 Can We Resolve the Nature of χc1(3872) with PANDA? Talk (TA) Klaus Götzen 20May2021 PDF icon TA-COL-2021-020.pdf
TA-WKS-2021-008 Can We Resolve the Nature of χc1(3872) with PANDA? Talk (TA) Klaus Götzen, Frank Nerling 15Apr2021 PDF icon TA-WKS-2021-008.pdf
MI-COM-2021-001 PANDA Collaboration Meeting 21/1 Minutes Minutes (MI) Ulrich Wiedner 13Apr2021 PDF icon MI-COM-2021-001.pdf
TA-COL-2021-009 Strangeness studies with PANDA at Phase One Talk (TA) Johan Messchendorp 31Mar2021 PDF icon TA-COL-2021-009.pdf
TA-WKS-2021-006 Can We Resolve the Nature of χc1(3872) with PANDA? Talk (TA) Klaus Götzen, Frank Nerling 19Mar2021 PDF icon TA-WKS-2021-006.pdf