On our "Job Market" page we will publish PANDA experiment related job offers, which we have received.
Furthermore, we will list job applications from PANDA people!
If you have a job advertisement or you are searching for a job, you can reach us via email: panda-office[at]gsi.de

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  • Postdoc opportunity in field of Cascades

     I am actively seeking a postdoctoral position, I am eager to continue my research in the field of Cascades. To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of my qualifications, I have enclosed my CV and a Research statement with this email. I kindly request you to review these documents at your convenience.
    I am genuinely enthusiastic about the possibility of further discussing my research and exploring potential collaboration opportunities with you. If there is any opportunity to work with you, kindly let me know. I would be more than happy to request my referees to email you their reference letters.
    If you know someone who is looking to hire a postdoc in the Cascades (hyperons)/heavy quark sector please let me know.
    Here you can find more details.

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