Resonance Workshop at Catania 2014


Monday, 3 November, 2014 to Friday, 7 November, 2014


"People that would participate to the workshop and have no invitation are kindly requested to write an e-mail to before they register."

"The workshop aims to bring together experimentalists and theorists to discuss about resonance production in elementary and heavy ion collisions, covering a large range of collisions energies (from SIS to LHC). A review of the main results obtained from the main experiments will be presented. Production of mesonic and baryonic resonances, with u, d, s and c quark and also exotic configuration will be addressed, experimental result and theoretical prediction will be presented. Theoretical approaches which estimate resonance yield and spectra, their spectral modification in medium as due to (partial) chiral symmetry restoration as a precursor of the QCD transition, will be reviewed. For heavy ion collisions, medium effects which might modify the signature and the dileptonic and hadronic decay channel and their consistency will be also discussed. A specific goal of the workshop is to develop a “wish list” for new data and calculations to serve as guideline for experimentalists and theorists to improve our understanding of the QCD and of the properties of the resonances in partonic and hadronic matter. The workshop will consist of a number of invited talks and the extendend opportunities for discussion. We plan to have 4 days of talks and 1 extra day to discuss and organize future collaborations between experimentalists and theoreticians."