Photo contest 2017

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  • The Muon System Prototype: Preparation for test beams
  • The Muon System Prototype @ CERN (full setup)
  • Transporting of the Muon System Prototype at CERN
  • First BWEC full prototype with 16 crystals
  • Crystal with front end electronics and red light
  • Backward Endcap capsule with electronics, APDs and blue light
  • Photo shows the STT. Picture was taken end of June 2017 in the Straw Tube Detector Laboratory. In case of use, please mention the copyright of Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
  • PhD students working at the PANDA Cluster-Jet target prototyp which is still actively used for PANDA calibration and cluster-beam studies.
  • Bachelor student checking the Cluster-Jet manual and getting to know the target source.
  • PhD student checking the PANDA pumping station-Cluster-Jet source connection.
  • PhD students Silke Grieser and Ann-Kathrin Hergemöller refilling the roots pump with oil at the PANDA pumping station.
  • PhD student Benjamin Hetz cheking the nozzle before installing it at the Cluster-Jet source.
  • Looking from through the whole drilled through the floor of the top lab down to the bottom lab for installing the Cluster-Jet beamline in next to PANDA geometry.
  • Photo showing the final Cluster-Jet source on the top right and final pumping station in the Muenster laboratory.
  • The Cluster-Jet Team presenting the final PANDA Cluster-Jet Target.
  • The Cluster-Jet Team presenting the final PANDA Cluster-Jet Target.