Dear PANDA member,

the collaboration-wide PANDA Spokesperson and Deputy Spokesperson election was open from Aug 24th 2020, 15:00h CEST to Sep 30th 2020, 24:00h CEST. 

More than 50% of the PANDA members have cast their vote, so that a quorum has been reached as required by the governance rules.

Ulrich Wiedner (on the left, CV) has been elected as new spokesperson and Karin Schönning (on the right, photo by Mats Kamsten, Uppsala University, CV) will be his deputy

On behalf of the PANDA collaboration and personally I would like to congratulate Karin and Ulrich for their demanding office starting in January 2021.
I wish both of you all the best for representing our collaboration in the challenging time to come. 

I would also like to express a first thank to those who will be relieved at the end of the year for the excellent work done for our collaboration !

With best regards,  Frank
on behalf of the PANDA collaboration board