The first octant of the PANDA Solenoid Magnet yoke is completed at Sibelectrotherm, Novosibirsk, sub-contractor of Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics!

The yoke will consist of an 8-piece barrel, four doors and a support platform with holding frame. It will be approx 6 m x 5 m x 8 m large and the total weight will be about 360 t. In PANDA it will serve as flux return of the 2 Tesla superconducting solenoid magnet and as absorber for the detection of muons. Installation at FAIR is planned to start at the end of 2021.

On the photo from left to right:
Denis Fadeev, head of BINP quality control group;
Evgeniy Pyata, BINP, PANDA Solenoid project leader;
Jost Lühning, GSI, PANDA Lead Engineer;
Lars Schmitt, FAIR/GSI, PANDA Technical Coordinator;
Victor Kravchenko, Sibelectrotherm deputy director.

(Photos: Lars Schmitt)