Contact:  Daniela Calvo, Kai Brinkmann, Tobias Stockmanns

The PANDA Micro-Vertex-Detector (MVD) is situated in the target spectrometer and is the closest detector part with respect to the primary interaction vertex. The MVD is a tracking device for charged particles and thus essential for a very precise determination of secondary decay vertices of short-lived particles such as hyperons or mesons with charm or strangeness content. Due to the target pipe crossing the MVD volume, the detector has a half-shell and half-disk structure for the barrel and the forward part, respectively. In the current MVD design four barrel layers ( 1 ... 4 in picture 1 ) and six disks ( 1 ... 6 ) are foreseen. Moreover, there are two additional disks further downstream which are not shown in the sketch. While the two innermost barrel layers (1 and 2) are equipped with pixel detectors, for the two outermost layers ( 3 and 4 ) double sided silicon strip detectors (DSSD) are foreseen. Due to the high track density in the forward direction pixel sensors will be used in all six disks. The last two disks ( 5 and 6 ) are equipped with both pixel detectors and DSSD in the inner and outer part, respectively.

Further and more detailled information about the Micro Vertex Detector can be found on the MVD Wiki page.