PANDA awards a prize every two years for the best theory PhD thesis related to the PANDA experimental program. We would like to ask for nominations for the upcoming prize. The prize will include the award of 200 Euro and will be presented at the PANDA Collaboration meeting in June 2024.


All theoreticians who have passed the oral defense of their PhD thesis between Jan 1, 2022 and December 31, 2023 are eligible. The thesis may contain work related to other experiments, but the majority of the work in the thesis must be directly connected to the PANDA physics program.
The nomination should be made by the thesis advisor.


A nomination can be made until February 29, 2024 by submitting the following information to the spokesperson and the chair of the theory advisory group (Christian Fischer, of the collaboration:


1. A nomination letter in which the content of the thesis and the importance of this work for PANDA is described. The letter should also motivate why the thesis should be considered as the best one from the selection period for PANDA.

2. The thesis must be made available online and the URL must be included in the nomination. If the thesis cannot be uploaded to the PANDA website then a PDF copy should be submitted with the nomination letter.

3. If the thesis is not written in English, then a (couple of pages) summary must be provided in English.

4. A copy of a certificate showing the grade achieved by the thesis if relevant (and a short description of the grade scale). This certificate should indicate the date of the oral exam. If that is not the case, then some other confirmation of when the oral exam was held must be provided (a letter from the thesis advisor will suffice, if a copy of a formal document is submitted before the PANDA Collaboration meeting in June 2024.)

List with all prize winners.