Good news for all PANDAs! The "Expert Committee Experiments" (ECE) of FAIR, which is responsible for the technical review of the FAIR experiments, has recommended two more PANDA Technical Design Reports (TDRs). A TDR describes in detail in which way a detector component will work and shows a way how to build it.

Our list of accepted TDRs has been increased by "Technical Design Report for the PANDA Forward Tracker" and "PANDA Forward Time of Flight detector (FToF wall)" to a total of 11 . A "very big thank you" to all who have worked hard to achieve this: System manager Jerzy Smyrski and the groups in Cracow (AGH, UJ, PK), Darmstadt (GSI), Ferrara (INFN) and Giessen (JLU) for the Forward Tracker, which you can see on the picture with the dark background, and system manager Stan Belostotski and the St Petersburg group (PNPI) for the FToF detector, which is shown on the picture with the white background.
Furthermore, two additional TDRs are at the ECE for review, the Luminosity Detector TDR submitted in spring 2016 and the Endcap Disc DIRC TDR submitted in summer 2018.