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PA-PRO-2017-012 Threshold scan at PANDA Paper (PA) Elisabetta Prencipe 19Dec2017 PDF icon PA-PRO-2017-012.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-009 Online cluster-finding algorithms for the PANDA electromagnetic calorimeter Thesis (TH) Marcel Tiemens 20Nov2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-009.pdf
TA-CON-2017-057 Feasibility Studies of Nucleon Structure Observables at PANDA at FAIR Talk (TA) Alaa Dbeyssi 09Nov2017 PDF icon TA-CON-2017-057.pdf
PA-JOU-2017-009 Track Propagation Methods for the Correlation of Charged Tracks with Clusters in the Calorimeter of the PANDA Experiment Paper (PA) T. Nasawad, T. Simantathammakul, C. Herold, T. Stockmanns, J. Ritman, C. Kobdaj 09Nov2017 PDF icon PA-JOU-2017-009.pdf
PA-PRO-2017-010 Investigation of the proton structure at PANDA-FAIR Paper (PA) Iris Zimmermann, Alaa Dbeyssi, Dmitry Khaneft 09Nov2017 PDF icon PA-PRO-2017-010.pdf
PA-PRO-2017-015 Recent results with lifetime enhanced microchannel-plate photomultipliers Paper (PA) M. Pfaffinger et al. (PANDA Cherenkov Group) 04Nov2017 PDF icon PA-PRO-2017-015.pdf
PA-PRO-2017-007 Event reconstruction and simulation in PandaRoot for the PANDA experiment Paper (PA) Steinschaden D., on behalf of the PANDA Collaboration 01Nov2017 PDF icon PA-PRO-2017-007.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-011 A Time-Based Front-End ASIC for the Silicon Micro Strip Sensors of the PANDA Micro Vertex Detector Thesis (TH) Valentino di Pietro 29Oct2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-011.pdf
PA-JOU-2017-008 Pressure stabilized straw tube modules for the PANDA Forward Tracker Paper (PA) J. Smyrski et al. 19Oct2017 PDF icon PA-JOU-2017-008.pdf
TA-CON-2017-055 The PANDA Endcap Disc DIRC Talk (TA) Erik Etzelmüller 13Oct2017 PDF icon TA-CON-2017-055.pdf
TA-CON-2017-041 The detector of the PANDA experiment at FAIR Talk (TA) Thomas Held 11Sep2017 PDF icon TA-CON-2017-041.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-008 Etude des réactions d'annihilation proton-antiproton et contribution expérimentale à la polarimétrie hadronique.Study of antiproton-proton annihilation reactions and experimental contribution to hadron polarimetry Thesis (TH) Ying WANG 07Sep2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-008.pdf
TA-CON-2017-046 Few-Body Physics with PANDA Talk (TA) J. Messchendorp 31Aug2017 PDF icon TA-CON-2017-046.pdf
TA-CON-2017-054 The PANDA Barrel DIRC Talk (TA) Jochen Schwiening 08Aug2017 PDF icon TA-CON-2017-054.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-005 An investigation of the proton structure in the space-like domain and feasibility studies of the proton electromagnetic form factor measurement in the time-like region Thesis (TH) Dmitry Khaneft 17Jul2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-005.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-004 Development and evaluation of a signal analysis and a readout system of straw tube detectors for the PANDA spectrometer Thesis (TH) Pawel Strzempek 14Jul2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-004.pdf
PA-PRO-2017-014 The PANDA DIRC Detectors at FAIR Paper (PA) Carsten Schwarz for the PANDA Cherenkov Group 04Jul2017 PDF icon PA-PRO-2017-014.pdf
TA-COL-2017-039 Status of PANDA @ FAIR Talk (TA) Klaus Peters 16May2017 PDF icon TA-COL-2017-039.pdf
TA-COL-2017-030 Studies of Hadrons with the PANDA Experiment @ FAIR Talk (TA) Klaus Peters 09May2017 PDF icon TA-COL-2017-030.pdf
TH-PHD-2017-012 Low power integrated system for a simultaneous time and energy measurement in the PANDA micro-strip detector Thesis (TH) Alberto Riccardi 02May2017 PDF icon TH-PHD-2017-012.pdf